Support for Persons with Disability

This program is to ensure that the disabled are not left out in the quest for eradicating illiteracy and make them self-dependent in their adulthood to live a dignified life as all other people.

General Objective:

Disabled persons engage in dignified trades of their choice to earn sufficient income for themselves and their dependents with their social exclusion reduced to the barest minimum.

Specific Objectives:

  • Disabled persons of school going age who have not been to school will be enrolled in formal and/or special educational institutions;
  • Disabled persons in target communities who were engaged in begging would have found a more dignified sources of livelihood;
  • Disabled persons who qualified better than their compatriots in seeking for jobs would have been employed;
  • Public buildings which did not make access for disabled persons would have put the facility in place.



  • Special Education Support

Children in special conditions especially blind, deaf and/or dumb and/or those suffering from autism is to be supported to attend boarding schools in the nearest special education facilities available.  FYSSO Ghana will support such individuals financially to augment government and parental contribution.  During vacations, the organization will facilitate attachment and internship programs at areas where they qualify to work for them to gain some experience and also to help integrate them into normal society working life.

  • Vocational Training

In as much as children with disability will be part of the normal education programs of all children, those who are not able to go to school is to be supported to be train in out-of-school vocations of their choice, after being counseled in the possible prospects of the available types.  This will involve training fees, procurement of tools and start-up capital after completion of the training.  The funding of the program will be on cost sharing basis of which the ratio will be determined by the person’s ability to pay and the amount of FYSSO Ghana’s funds available.

  • Advocacy for Persons with Disability

In joining the GNECC, FYSSO Ghana will advocate for equal rights for education for children with disability, of which the current government support to them is inadequate as compared to those enjoy the usual education system.  The organization will also support the activities of associations of the disabled at the district, regional and national levels.  FYSSO Ghana will also lobby district assemblies overseeing target communities to enforce the legislation that requires all public buildings to make their entrance accessible to the physically disabled. Community sensitization will encourage the disabled to be properly integrated into normal community life and reduce the social exclusion against them for peaceful coexistence.



  • FYSSO Ghana in partnership with Social welfare supported in the registration of Persons with disability to access the Health insurance program
  • Building the capacity of the persons with disability on know their rights and defined by the constitution of Ghana

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